Advertising Photography

I recently shot some advertising images in one of Scotlands most cutting edge veterinary hospitals. We were given incredible access to the surgery and all parts of its processes and procedures. We got a first hand look at the hands on care that is given to the nations fury family members.

Channel 5 Stills Photography

This week sees the first episodes of 'Big Week at the Zoo'. The new channel 5 series that takes an in depth look at British Zoos and all they do for conservation.  I was asked to tag along with the channel 5 team to shoot complimentary stills to the motion footage.

Advertising Photography

Recently I was commissioned to shoot stills and portraiture for the new expression of Pernod Ricard's Royal Salute Whisky. This collaboration between Master Blender Sandy Hyslop and olfactory expert Barnabé Fillion marked what will be a large advertising push for 2018.

Portrait of Mark Beaumont

Way back in September I was asked to shoot some portraits of Adventurer Mark Beaumont. Never one to pass on the chance to meet someone whose job title is 'Adventurer' I jumped at the opportunity.