Drink me

Recently I have been going through a bout of 'food industry' clients. I have been shooting, whisky and whisky master blenders, chefs, cooks, and a diary prince. It's great! I get to spend time with people who have a detailed understanding and passion for things I generally don't want to have to over think. Need milk? it's there in the supermarket. What make of cow does it come from? I don't know, I just want cornflakes.

Equally (some would disagree) but the port to peat ratio my whisky is a mystery to me and yet so very important. So here's to the captains of the food industry, you make my job more interesting and for that I thank you.

 RBS employee Stephanie Zokas at Pavilion Tea Room in Glasgow
 Richard Paterson, master blender of Whyte and Mackay at their headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland

You cannot be serious!

Eyes to me