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Based in Edinburgh and working throughout Scotland, the UK and Europe, photographer Jo Hanley produces images of the highest quality impressing clients time and again. Take a look at the News pages to see some of Jo's latest work.

Drink me

Recently I have been going through a bout of 'food industry' clients. I have been shooting, whisky and whisky master blenders, chefs, cooks, and a diary prince. It's great! I get to spend time with people who have a detailed understanding and passion for things I generally don't want to have to over think. Need milk? it's there in the supermarket. What make of cow does it come from? I don't know, I just want cornflakes.

Equally (some would disagree) but the port to peat ratio my whisky is a mystery to me and yet so very important. So here's to the captains of the food industry, you make my job more interesting and for that I thank you.

 RBS employee Stephanie Zokas at Pavilion Tea Room in Glasgow
 Richard Paterson, master blender of Whyte and Mackay at their headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland
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