Andrew Ranicki Portrait

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting Andrew Ranicki for the German publication Taz - die tageszeitung. Andrew is an  algebraic topology mathematician and professor of mathematics at the University of Edinburgh and the son of literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki who was regarded as one of the most influential contemporary literary critics in the field of German literature and has often been called Literaturpapst  (Pope of Literature) in Germany.

That level of Academia is well beyond my scope of understanding and while I have met my fair share of high end academics who generally range from haughty to hobo. Andrew was one of the most welcoming and entertaining people I have met in a long time. His enthusiasm was totally infectious, he has a laugh and smile that takes over his entire body and a life outlook that seems to find most things hilarious.

There must be magic in numbers.

 Professor in Mathematics Andrew Ranicki at his home in Edinburgh, for Taz - Die Tageszeitung

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