Charlie MacLean's Whiskypedia : The ultimate guide to Scotch Whisky

Since it was first published back in the heady days of 2009 I have shot all the imagery for Charlie's book Whiskypedia and the 2016 edition has been no different. The book is the definitive guide to Scotland's distilleries and the whisky they make.

"For the first time, MacLean’s Whiskypedia explores the flavour and character of every malt whisky distilled in Scotland."

Charlie MacLean has spent the past 30 years researching, writing and lecturing about Scotch whisky. He is indeed ‘Whisky’s finest guru’ so if you know any whisky fans, if you are a whisky fan then this is the book for you.



Advertising and Whisky : Image production for Glenfiddich

True Blue : Editorial Portrait of Scottish Conservative Party Leader Ruth Davidson.