Corporate Portraits for Charlotte Street Partners

It's never easy when a client says "what we are after is the style and ambiance of Richard Avedon" Oh Great! is that all? My brief (beyond invoke the spirit of Avedon) was corporate portraits that express some personality, nothing stuffy, casual, relaxed, but professional. In my experience 'corporate' and 'personality' don't sit comfortably side by side but that was before I'd met The Charlotte Street Partners.

Arranging 13 diary's in a busy office is no small task so I was already impressed, but everyone looked sharp and were well prepared for the production. As requested they came down in groups of three and gave each other a grilling, it was hilarious and totally unrepeatable.  Thanks to the teams enthusiasm we got a fantastic collection bursting with corporate personality. ★★★★★

Charlotte Street Partners is a strategic communications firm providing trusted counsel to companies, institutions and individuals.

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