Forget Me Not

Over the past few months I have been producing work for DEEP and JRF, to create some positive images of people living with dementia. To show that diagnosis does not mean disappearance, and to encourage conversation.

It is always a pleasure to spend time with people who are willing to put themselves out there as examples, when to do so can be uncomfortable, knowing it is for the greater good. They tell their story. They talk, educate, explain and campaign for themselves, for their families and most importantly for all who will follow. Both the people I met and the people I worked for are an inspiration.

 Trevor Jarvis at his home in Skello, Doncaster. 2015
 Wendy Mitchell at her home in York. 2015
 Daphne Wallace at her home in Lancaster. 2015

If you would like more information about the work that is being done and help that is available throughout the UK please visit DEEP and Dementia without walls

Goodbye 2015

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