I'll give you woof!

So earlier this month I spent a cold morning in a field with two lovely ladies and almost one hundred dogs. That's 100. They were a curious, noisy, ballsy, humpy, butt sniffing pack. They tried to run off with my light stands and tried to eat my camera. I left a lot muddier than when I arrived and I'm not ashamed to say, feeling a little violated.

It was fun! (not the butt sniffing violations but you know... roll with the punches.) This was all in aid of a story about CitiDogs Crèche in Edinburgh and the two women who started it. Sandy & Sarah started off taking in only 20 dogs and are about to extend to handle 120, with indoor and outdoor facilities. All the mutts seemed happy as Larry and the staff REALLY like dogs.
Good thing.

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CitiDogs  Crèche  Edinburgh©johanley.com

CitiDogs Crèche Edinburgh©johanley.com


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