Head and shoulders

I am quite often asked to shoot head shots for... well everyone. Anyone with a 'profile' can use a quality head shot. LinkedIn, CV's, press releases, staff bio's, websites, anywhere that needs a professional representation of you, as a professional. 

I LOVE shooting head shots. I know some photographers loath the job seeing it as low on the creativity side. And while they do need a certain amount of structure this style of shooting provides a great opportunity for expression through expression. Every nuance, a twist of the head, a subtle change in posture, a small smile or a big smile can make huge changes to the end result.  I love getting the confident 'trust me I'm very good at what I do' image and then changing tack to try and get an expression of that person.

Here's a couple that I shot Last week in Dundee for Ex Scientia.

Happy New Year

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