Wrestle Maniacs : Portrait of ICW Podcaster Mark McInally.

When a client gets in touch and says "What do you know about Insane Championship Wrestling" I think to myself, 'Oooo this sounds fun' and the next thing I know I am on my way to Glasgow's famous Barrowlands Ballroom in Scotland to shoot portraits of Mark McInally ICW fanatic and podcaster.

While I was setting up a friendly local championship wrestler happened by. Chris Renfrew's Wiki page says;

'Chris Renfrew is a Scottish Professional wrestler, writer and radio personality. He is best known for his work with Insane Championship Wrestling particularly as an original and long-standing member of the New Age Kliq (NAK) stable.'

He seemed nice so I asked if he might give mark a thrill while I was working. The resulting images were ideal. Thanks Chris!

(If you find yourself thinking "that wrestling business sounds amazing!"
then take a gander - here -)

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