Totally Board : Corporate Portrait Photography

It has been such a busy start to the year that I have just not even had time to stop and tell you about it, until now...

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to fly down to London to shoot portraits of Sir Nigel Rudd and Simon Pryce at BBA Aviation. At first glance our restricted working area wasn't going to offer many great portrait options but with a little creative lighting and positioning we walked away with some lovely images and two happy Board Members. It makes me very happy when people who hate having or are too busy to have their photo taken leave the set having thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Continuing on the corporate theme I was also approached by A.G. Barr Ltd. to shoot their Board.

AG Barr are an institution in Scotland, and it was a genuine pleasure meeting the team which included Barr family members Julie Barr and Robin Barr the latter of whom started working in the business in 1960.

"Our biggest brand is IRN-BRU which is seen by many as part of the culture of the Scottish Nation. "

It is refreshing to see a local family run business booming. To put AG Barr and Irn-Bru's success into perspective Coca-Cola is the number one-selling soft drink everywhere in the world – except in Scotland. Only three people in the world know the recipe and two of them have been mentioned here...
Irn-Bru - 'Made in Scotland from girders’


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