To Infinity & Beyond : Editorial portrait for Der Spiegel

If I had to sum up the majority of people I photograph it would be along the lines of 'people who do weird stuff well.' I mean that with the deepest respect. Nothing makes me happier than people who succeed where others just potter. It takes true, obsessive grit.

Along those lines and not so long ago I was asked to shoot editorial portraits of Alexander Scholz at the the James Gregory Telescope at the St Andrews observatory, Scotland.  Alek is the Director of the University Observatory and spends a lot of time with TOYS - 'Time-domain Observations of Young Stars'

My current research is focused on problems in star and planet formation. Specifically; deep surveys of star forming regions, angular momentum regulation in young stellar objects, frequency and properties of young brown dwarfs, protoplanetary disks around brown dwarfs, evolution of circumstellar disks, time-domain behaviour of young stellar objects.

I'll be honest I stopped trying to understand when we got to 'young brown dwarfs', and got lost in an imagining of small people working through the night helping Alek seek new worlds from our own.

*Brown dwarfs are substellar objects that occupy the mass range between the heaviest gas giants and the lightest stars. Huh! who knew...?

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