Land of the short sharp vowel : Portrait shoot with RBS CEO Ross McEwan.

A couple of  weeks ago I was asked to shoot a very simple portrait of RBS CEO Ross McEwan. "Ross McEwan became Chief Executive Officer of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group in October 2013." Before this he was with the "Commonwealth Bank of Australia where he was Group Executive for Retail Banking Services for 5 years."

This means I have done my banking at two financial institutions Ross has been a boss of. It's like we're connected...

He was a lovely albeit exhausted gent. We had just over 15 minutes to cover the gamut of traditional head-shot, contemporary portrait and casual in situ. We got it all done with time to spare, for which he was thankful.

RBS CEO Ross McEwan

*Yes. this is me making fun of the N.Z. accent Ross is from New Zealand aka 'Land of the long white cloud'. They talk funny, I changed it... Apologies to any upsit Kiwi's.

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