Be Badass : Scottish Women's Rugby Campaign

At the end of 2016 I was asked to shoot the first images of the 'Be The Best You' campaign for Scottish Women's Rugby. The first stage was shot on location at Edinburgh's Murrayfield Stadium. When I told my rugby mad nephew I was working at the National Stadium he was very excited. When I told him it was for the Women's Rugby his response was "that's not real rugby..."

He thinks this because TV tells him this. With a bit of luck this campaign will work to change that.

With hashtags of #BeBadass, #BeBold and #BeTheBestYou hopefully Scottish Rugby can help get more girls and women involved in the sport and start to put the men's and women's teams on a more even standing. Perhaps one day soon my nephew will know as many of the women's names as he does the men's and double Scotland's chance of ever beating Australia (sorry dude, keep trying...)

The second stage of the campaign has just been shot and I am looking forward to seeing those results in action later this year.

Advertising Photography : Scottish Women's Rugby
Advertising Photography : Scottish Women's Rugby



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