Against the Grain : Portraits at the Speyside Craft Brewery, Scotland.

Back in June I was asked to shoot portraits of the enigmatic and unstoppable Seb Jones, founder and force behind Speyside Craft Brewery. Based out of Forres in Scotland Speyside Craft have been producing a solid range of craft beers and even occasional one-offs that are snapped up by some of the countries best pubs.

 'From the aromatic Bow Fiddle Blonde to the spicy Findhorn Killer and the brooding Dark Sky Stout, we reckon there's a beer in our list to suit most palates.'

Born in the Scotch whisky distillery heartland of Speyside Seb is a literal flash of contemporary innovation in a land of timeless routine he might be just what they need.

A portrait of Edinburgh : Photography for Jigsaw.

Corporate Portraits for Charlotte Street Partners